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Claim Crack3 - Unlikely claim judged true

Category: Science & Technology:Math Science & Technology:Physics Misc:Religion, New Age, etc Science & Technology:Computer Industry JUDGED at 100
Owner:171, wedgingt
Judge:2568, JPO
due date:2015/01/31

The Claim

One of the following claims is judged true:

-Astr: Astrology Stat'ly Significant
ball: PLASMAK aneutronic fusion 2005
CFsn: Cold Fusion
-Cydnia: Cydonia Artifacts
-GBchX: Goldbach Conjecture DISPROVEN
-Uran: Stable TransUranic Isotope
-USMS: U.S. makes DOS/Win Public Stds

That is, if one or more of the listed claims is judged true, this claim is also true and should be judged immediately. If all of the listed claims are judged false, this claim is also false. If any of the listed claims is given a scaled judgement, this claim is immediately given that same scaled judgement.

Judge's Statement

Status of claims referred to in this claim as of May 2010:
Astr2010-03-15; Judged at 100
ballExpired 2006-01-01, Judged at 0
GBchXExpired 2003-12-31, Judged at 0
UranExpired 2005-01-01, Judged at 0
USMSExpired 2005-01-01, Judged at 0

This claim is being judged True based on the judgment of Astr in early 2010. The judgment of Astr is not without controversy; see the mailing list archives for details. However, the wording of the present claim is clear and unambiguous, and it must be judged True based on the outcome of the Astr claim.

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