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Claim EUCYes - EU Constitution Referenda Yes

Category: Politics:UK Politics News:World News JUDGED at 0
Owner:3126, Varulv
Judge:3607, MatrixMan
due date:2010/01/01

The Claim

This claim shall be judged True if all referenda held and closed before 1 January 2010 00:00 about the EU Constitution, adopted on 18 June 2004, result in approvals of the EU Constitution only.

For binding referenda and consultative referenda that have officially defined which conditions that have to be met for an approval, the official result shall be used.

For consultative referenda that haven't clearly defined the conditions for what will be an approval, the following conditions will have to be met for an approval relevant for this claim:

  • At least 50% of the registered voters has to vote.
  • Of the valid votes, the choice or choices that mark an approval must get more votes than the choice or choices that don't mark an approval (abstentions not included).

If the EU Constitution isn't adopted on the EU Summit of 17 and 18 June 2004, the referenda about the first EU Constitution adopted before 1 January 2006 will be relevant for this claim.


  • Whether or not a member-state of the European Union organizes a referendum, depends on the member-state itself. Some members are required to organize a referendum by their Constitution. Others can organize one, binding or consultative, but don't have to, which means that it is up to the local government or parliament to decide whether they will organize one or not.
  • This claim can immediately be judged False as soon as one of the referenda has a negative result.
  • Even if a binding referendum is overriden by the parliament, the government, the president or monarch, resulting in the ratification of the EU Constitution even though the result of the referendum was negtive, or vice versa, the result of the referendum will be relevant for this claim.
  • A few examples to illustrate the conditions for the consultative referenda that haven't clearly defined the conditions for what will be an approcal:
    • Assuming that the question that has to be answered in the referendum is «Should the EU Constitution be ratified?», approval means that there are more votes for Yes than for No, regardless of the number of abstentitions. If 60% of the registered voters vote, 30% of them votes Yes, 20% No and 10% casts an invalid vote and 40% an abstention, the result shall be considered to be an approval.
    • Assuming that the question is such that the voters can choose between (a) adoption of the EU Constitution, (b) no adoption of the EU Consitution and (c) leaving the EU, there must be more votes for choice (a) than for choices (b) and (c) together.
  • Referenda about membership of the EU by non-member-states are irrelevant for this claim, even though they implicitly deal with the EU Constitution too

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