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Claim EURDOL - Avg Exchange Rate EURO per US$

Category: Finance:World Finance JUDGED at 52
Owner:251, MM
Judge:38, highlander
due date:2003/12/31

The Claim

The value of the claim depends on the average exchange rate between the upcoming European Currency EURO and the US$ from 1999/1/1 to 2003/12/31. With n daily rates ri, i=1..n, the value v is calculated as

v = (sum(ri)/n) - 0.5

The claim will then pay v FX$ for each YES coupon, with the restriction that v<0 shall be v=0 and v>1 shall be v=1.

E. g., if the avg. rate was 0.90000, then the resulting payout would be FX$ 0.40 for each YES coupon and FX$ 0.60 for each NO coupon.

As long as the EURO is not installed, the European Currency Unit (ECU) shall take its place. If neither the EURO nor the ECU are listed by exchange rate services, then the daily rate for this time shall be 1.

The default source of information is the PACIFIC Exchange Rate Service (http://pacific.commerce.ubc.ca/xr/data.html), where US$ has to be used as base currency and EURO (or if EURO doesn't exist: ECU) as the currency to be converted. If this service is stopped, any other service showing the interbank exchange rates for the given period of time may be used.

Judge's Statement

The key number here is how many Euros equal 1 US dollar. (this is now exchange rates between the Euro and US Dollar are typically listed).

The Market

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