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Claim JPOST - JP Savings privitized by 2007

Category: Finance:World Finance JUDGED at 0
Owner:5879, ajping
Judge:2488, Luscious
due date:2007/12/31

The Claim

The postal savings and life-insurance assets now held by Japan Post, become privately-owned by the end of 2007. These assets could be sold or transferred by Japan Post to a private agency, or Japan Post could become a private agency. The government of Japan and other public agencies may own a majority, but not all, of the shares in the private company owning the assets. The date of privitization will be the date shares in the new corporation are sold or transferred.

*description taken from Japan Economic Foundaton website*

Japan Post was inaugurated on April 1, 2003 taking over the three postal services of mail delivery, postal savings and kampo life insurance from the Postal Services Agency...Overhauling the Postal Services Agency was an important part of Prime Minister Koizumi Jun-ichiro's government reform initiative, but it remains to be seen whether the new public corporation will be turned into a private firm as Koizumi hopes, because a large number of lawmakers in his own Liberal Democratic Party as well as opposition parties are against it.

More info can be found on the Japan Post website: http://www.japanpost.jp/top/english/english-index.html

In the event that only part of the assets are held privitely by the judge date, the claim will payout equal to the percentage of total assets privitized.

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