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Claim MDMAUK - Ecstasy =< Class C in 2003 UK

Category: Politics:UK Politics JUDGED at 0
Owner:3115, Lathalda
Judge:38, highlander
due date:2003/12/01

The Claim

Ecstasy (taken to be actual MDMA [3,4 methylenedioxymethamphetamine]) will be designated as a Class C or lower substance, or completely legalized, in the United Kingdom (or the successor state of same which contains the greatest geographic portion of the city of Manchester) at some point before December 1, 2003.

Judge's Statement

Class is is the lower level of drugs that are illegal for use in Britain. In the event of a regulatory change, I will attempt to stay within the spirit of this claim(i.e. if the legal designations of drugs change, for this claim to be true, MDMA would have to be placed legally within least dangerous category of drugs with penalties for use similar to those that are class C drugs now have in Britain).

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