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Claim Mart04 - Paul Martin elected Cdn PM '04

Category: News:World News JUDGED at 100
Owner:5591, happy
Judge:4969, abliss
due date:2005/01/01

The Claim

Paul Martin will be Prime Minister of Canada following a federal election in 2004. Specifically, this claim should be judged YES only if all of the following occur:

  1. A federal election is held in Canada in 2004.

  2. Paul Martin is the leader of the party that wins the most seats in that election

  3. Within a year of the election, Paul Martin is sworn in as the Prime Minister of Canada

NOTE: There MUST BE AN ELECTION for this claim to pay. Paul Martin may also act as Prime Minister prior to an election but that is not what is claimed here: this claim says that he will be Prime Minister after having won a general federal election.

Judge's Statement

In cases of ambiguity, I will judge the claim by its wording, not its intent.

Point 3 will not disqualify the event that the swearing-in ceremony happens to precede the election.

According to The Globe and Mail, Martin was sworn in on 12 Dec 2003. A Canadian federal election is scheduled for 28 Jun 2004. If Martin wins this election and continues to serve as Prime Minister, I will judge this claim TRUE.

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