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Claim N14k - Nikkei 225 drops below 14,000

Category: Finance:World Finance JUDGED at 0
Owner:70, jjones@cnj.digex.net
Judge:70, jjones@cnj.digex.net
due date:1997/07/01

The Claim

Between 1/1/96 and 6/30/97, inclusive, the Nikkei 225 index will close below 14,000.

This value was chosen because it is commonly believed that if the Nikkei were to drop below this level, Japanese banks would have to begin liquidating assets to maintain assets at an acceptable level. This could cause a general run on the Tokyo stock market, possibly with serious implications on the world market. Note that the judgment of this claim is not contingent upon whether or not the market is "influenced" one way or the other. There has been some speculation that the current resurgence in the Nikkei is due to multilateral agreements among Japanese institutional investors not to drive prices down.

If the Nikkei 225 is no longer an index by 6/30/97 and the claim has not yet been judged true, then the claim will be judged false.

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