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Claim NucW - Yucca Mt. nuke waste by 1/1/10

Category: News:US News JUDGED at 0
Owner:0, Bank
Judge:306, SMWinnie
due date:2010/01/01

The Claim

This claim will be judged YES if at any time prior to 1/1/2010 at least one kilogram of nuclear waste has been stored for at least one year in the proposed high level nuclear waste storage site at Yucca Mountain, Nevada. This claim will be judged NO if the site is converted to low level nuclear waste storage only.

Judge's Statement

DOE/Yucca Mountain site: http://www.ymp.gov/

I will judge based on the intent of this claim, if I perceive such intent to be obvious. If such intent is ambiguous I will judge on the basis of the precise wording. If both are ambiguous, I will look for a solution which follows IF/FX precedent insofar as such precedent is apparent to me and applicable to the claim. I will seek the guidance of the claim's owner/author in interpreting the claim. It's his or her question - s/he ought to get the answer sought. If I believe this claim to have met a YES or NO condition, and if I believe judgement will be controversial, I will post a prospective judgement to fx-discuss and forestall entering the judgement for a comment period to be announced in the post.

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