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Claim OJvn - OJ Simpson Vindicated--2000

Category: News:US News JUDGED at 0
Owner:38, highlander
Judge:163, jim
due date:2000/01/01

The Claim

By 1/1/2000 someone will have either a) been convicted of the slayings of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. b) been declared by a court non-guilty by reason of insanity c) been indicted but died before being convicted or declared innocent in court. This person or persons will not have been acting in concert with O.J. Simpson. (O.J. Simpson cannot be retried for this slaying so the conviction of any individual not connected to him will vindicate him). Each Yes Coupon pays $1 as soon any of the three conditions above occur. No coupons pay $1 on 1/1/2000 if none of the three conditions of this claim occur.

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