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Claim PMIS98 - person-months in space in 1998

Category: Science & Technology:Space JUDGED at 45
Judge:97, Loophole
due date:1999/02/01

The Claim

This claim pays 0.01 up to a maximum of 1.00 for each person-month spent in space during calendar year 1998

"in space" means low earth orbit or higher.

For any given individual, time in space starts at launch (or start of year if they start the year in space), and ends at landing (or end of year if they end the year in space, or death if they are unlucky enough to die in space) and is rounded to the nearest full day.

Missions shorter than two days don"t count towards the overall total.

Example scoring:

two people on mir the whole year = 24 person-months

6 shuttle missions of 2 weeks each with 6 people on board =~ 17 person-months

Judge's Statement

References and resources are welcome. If I don't know about something, I can't count it. I'll post information here after it is gathered and verified.

At the beginning of 1998, there are three people in space that I know of:

Anatoly Solovyov (Russian) aboard MIR from 1998-01-01 until ?

Pavel Vinogradov (Russian) aboard MIR from 1998-01-01 until ?

David Wolf (US) aboard MIR from 1998-01-01 until (scheduled 1998-01-29)

The shuttle Endeavor took off on 1998-01-22 to pick up David Wolf and drop off Andy Thomas at MIR. The shuttle is scheduled to return on 1998-01-31. It has a crew of seven. If all goes as scheduled, that trip contributes 2.07 to the value of this claim.

Future scheduled missions:

Columbia with crew of 7 from 1998-04-02 through 1998-04-19 (adding 3.91)

Discovery with crew of 6 up and 7 down (Andy Thomas returning from MIR) from 1998-05-28 until 1998-06-07 (adding 2.30). The MIR stays of David Wolf and Andy Thomas together contribute 6.23.

Endeavor with crew of 5 from 1998-07-09 until 1998-07-20 (adding 1.81)

Columbia with crew of 6? from 1998-08-26 until 1998-08-31 (treated as 6 days) (adding 1.18)

Discovery with a crew of 6 from 1998-10-29 until 1998-11-07 (adding 1.78)

Endeavor from 1998-12-09 until 1998-12-19 with crew of 6? (adding 1.97)

If all goes as described, and two cosmonauts stay in space for the whole year (contributing 24 to the result), and there are no other missions, the claim's value will be about 45.

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