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Claim Phone - 12 digit phone #s in US/Canada

Category: Science & Technology:General Science JUDGED at 0
Owner:3558, Torc
Judge:2568, JPO
due date:2006/01/01

The Claim

12-or-more digit telephone numbers (area code+prefix+suffix) will be introduced in the US and/or Canada within five years. This claim will be judged true if/when the first 12-digit (or greater) number is issued to a business or residence in either country.

US territories (Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, etc.) are not included in the judging. Should either the US or Canada break up (eg. Quebec secedes), only the portion of the country still referring to itself as 'The United States' or 'Canada' will be considered for judging.

The international dialing code code, 001, and business extensions do not count as part of the number. A generic number or code used to indicate any long-distance call (such as '1' is used now) also will not count; however, if a state or provincial code is created, that will be included for judging purposes.

Judge's Statement

The "five years" referred to in the claim description will be interpreted as ending on January 1, 2006.

Telephone numbers issued for cellular phones and for data processing equipment (faxes, modems, etc) will be considered for the purposes of this claim.

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