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Claim QFact - Quantum factoring demo by 2006

Category: Science & Technology:Computer Technology & Benchmarks Science & Technology:Encryption, Factoring JUDGED at 24
Owner:2582, Dr. No
Judge:73, Karl Hallowell
due date:2006/08/01

The Claim

This claim will pay 6*n cents (maximum of 100 cents) if a quantum computer has factored a number with n binary digits using the Shor algorithm, or any other essentially quantum algorithm, by July 1, 2006. n must be at least 4.Here an algorithm is "essentially quantum" if it is asymptotically much faster when executed by a quantum computer than when simulated by a standard (classical) computer.

If the conjectured gap between quantum and classical factoring algorithms disappears before the deadline, e.g. if someone finds a classical factoring algorithm whose complexity is comparable to that of the Shor algorithm, this claim will fail.

Note that a quantum computer is not the same as a standard computer that uses quantum devices such as silicon transistors. See the e-print archive quant-ph for both introductions to quantum computation and the state of the art.

Judge's Statement

I am in the process of judging this claim. Currently, I seek information on any publically released results after the IBM experiment which used a quantum computer to factor 15 (a 4 bit or binary digit number) using the Shor algorithm.

For results of a successful experiment to be accepted, the results must have been released publically by July 1. It is quite possible that larger numbers have been factored using a quantum computer in the time frame of the claim, but these results won't be accepted if the results were not publically announced by this time.

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