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Claim USKIA - No. US troops KIA in Iraq

Category: News:World News News:US News JUDGED at 9
Owner:5001, herbavore1
Judge:4962, mbrubeck
due date:2004/03/31

The Claim

This claim will pay out on a sliding scale according to the number of US military personnel killed in action in Iraq in the time interval beginning March 18, 2003, and ending March 31, 2004.

The payout for this claim will be determined by the following formula: (no. of KIA)/4000. For example, if 800 military personnel are killed in action in Iraq between 3/18/03 and 4/30/04, the payout will be FX$0.20. If the number of American KIA exceeds 4,000 before the end of March, 2004, the payout will be FX$1.00.

The Defense Department's official KIA statistics for operations in Iraq will be used to determine the payout for this claim.

Judge's Statement

The claim payout will be based solely on the number of casualties reported by the US DOD for operations in Iraq during the stated period.

For information purposes, here is a definition of KIA from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Manual (CJCSM 3150.13):

  • KIA: Killed in Action. Casualty category applicable to a hostile casualty, other than the victim of a terrorist activity, who is killed outright or who dies as a result of wounds received or other injuries before reaching a medical treatment facility.
  • Hostile Casualty: A person who is the victim of a terrorist activity or who becomes a casualty in action. "In action" characterizes the casualty as having been the direct result of hostile action, sustained in combat or relating thereto, or sustained going to or returning from a combat mission provided that the occurrence was directly related to hostile action. Included are persons killed or wounded, mistakenly or accidentally, by friendly force directed at a hostile force or what was thought to be a hostile force.

The DIOR web site has official DOD casualty reports.

Casualties sustained outside the borders of Iraq will count toward the claim payout if they are included in DOD statistics for operations in Iraq.

Judging may be delayed if recent statistics are not available on the due date, but casualties sustained after the due date will NOT be included in the payout calculation. If the claim has not been judged by 14 April 2004, then it will be judged on that date based on the most accurate numbers available.

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