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Claim USPD - US Pres lives 5 years (scaled)

Category: News:US News JUDGED at 0
Owner:0, Bank
Judge:162, pseudo
due date:2001/01/01

The Claim

For every six month period that no former or current U.S President dies within that period a YES coupon will pay $0.11. However, if no president dies within 5 years the YES coupon is worth $0. June 30, 1996 will be considered the last day of the first 6 month period. December 31, 1996 will be the end of the second 6 month period. June 30, 1997 will be the third, and so on. December 31, 2000 will be the last day of the five year schedule. If no president dies by this date, the YES coupon is worth $0. Time of death is that determined by the official coroner. Claim ends and coupons are paid at time of first death. President Elects do not qualify until they have held office for atleast one day. Further, only consider those current or former U.S. Presidents that were alive for the entire day of March 22, 1996.

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The Market

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