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Claim XP.SC - Scaled Comp wins X-Prize by 06

Category: Science & Technology:Space JUDGED at 100
Owner:73, Karl Hallowell
Judge:4465, evand
due date:2006/02/01

The Claim

Scaled Composites wins the X-Prize by the end of 2005. If multiple prizes are awarded, then Scaled Composites is the first to win the prize as specified below. The claim will be judged false, if in the judge's consideration either Scaled Composites or the X-Prize Foundation has ceased to exist prior to the awarding of any prize.

If there is any question about the prize, it is an award for the following achievement (as quoted in the X-Prize rules):

3. The flight vehicle must be flown twice within a 14-day period. Each flight must carry at least one person, to minimum altitude of 100 km (62 miles). The flight vehicle must be built with the capacity (weight and volume) to carry a minimum of 3 adults of height 188 cm (6 feet 2 inches) and weight 90 kg (198 pounds) each. Three people of this size or larger must be able to enter, occupy, and be fastened into the flight vehicle on Earth's surface prior to take-off, and equivalent ballast must be carried in-flight if the number of persons on-board during flight is less than 3 persons.

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