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Claim road - Fed Roadway Funds cut by 2005

Category: Politics:US Politics JUDGED at 0
Owner:56, linas@fc.net
Judge:3126, Varulv
due date:2006/04/01

The Claim

Congress or a federal agency will recognize that roadway and/or highway funds represent a form of subsidy or "welfare" for real-estate & land developers and related industries (concrete, lumber, steel) and will act to reduce and/or recoup such costs from the specific developers/industries. Alternatively, the federal government will recognize a need to subsidize the information and telecommunications infrastructure, and will create an agency whose annual budget will be comparable to the highway/roadway budget. This claim will be judged TRUE if, in any fiscal year up to and including 2005, any one (or more) of the following has occurred:

  1. The federal highway budget is less than two-thirds of the 1995 budget, measured in real, inflation adjusted terms
  2. Federal matching grants to states for roadway construction, improvement and maintenance are less than two-thirds of the 1995 grants
  3. A federal tax on real-estate development or related industries has been enacted, for the specific purpose of supplementing the federal roadway/highway budget, and such tax revenues account for more than one-sixth of the budget (a tax on individual home-owners owners) is specifically excluded from consideration)
  4. A federal agency has been created for the administration of public funds for the construction, improvement or maintenance of public (e.g. administered by federal, state, or local authorities) telecommunications networks (e.g. phone, cable TV, internet) and the budget of said agency, and/or of the amount of grants, subsidies, etc. disbursed by said agency are at least one-sixth of the 1995 federal roadway budget.

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